What are the success factors of an optimal commercial strategy?

Reason for research

Managers and directors are drastically changing their commercial strategy. This is one of the interesting trends we see based on our previous survey of over 450 managers and directors with sales and/or marketing responsibilities.

The data in the survey show a common thread: people are increasingly focusing on ways to identify (potential) profitable customers faster. This avoids wasting time on customers with little value. Thus, a shift is taking place in the commercial strategy of organisations. People increasingly prefer a limited number of strategic appointments with very high potential, rather than large volumes of 'leads' and appointments.

Newsletters are hardly ever sent and call centres are used less and less. We see an increase in the use of market information and careful preliminary research (account-based sales & marketing). Moreover, more and more basic commercial processes are being automated and artificial intelligence is taking on an increasingly prominent role in customer contact, predicting behaviour and data analysis.

The choice to be commercially strategic instead of chasing every opportunity seems obvious, but what does it mean for the way your sales and marketing department works? What is the role of intelligent technology and what are the innovations in this area? Is your organisation ahead or behind in these developments compared to those around you?

In order to gain insight into these issues, The Blue Hour conducts a benchmark study. This research focuses on how managers and directors optimise their commercial strategy and what the success factors are.

Taking part in this survey will give you insight into how different organisations optimise their commercial strategy and identify success factors. This can help you shape your own strategy in this area and take a leading position.


  • What new technologies are the frontrunners using?
  • How do sales and marketing work together optimally?
  • How can the ROI of a sales appointment be influenced?
  • What will be the role of data and market intelligence?
  • How does lead qualification contribute to higher conversion?
  • What trends can we expect in the coming years?

Advantages of participation:

personal appointment

You will receive a personal presentation of the benchmark report by our specialist at your location.

Compare with your environment

The specialist hands over the benchmark report with your answers and the answers of your peers.

periodic updates

We will send you periodic updates on the results of our benchmark research.

Participate to the research

When participating in the online survey, you will receive the benchmark report from us with which you can easily compare yourself with other anonymous participants.

The benchmark report is presented and discussed by a specialist of The Blue Hour in a personal meeting. Filling in this questionnaire takes about 10 minutes. With these results, we can compile your report.

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