Sierra Leone Project

The Blue Hour has entered into a partnership with the Smarter Hospital Foundation. Smarter Hospital is a non-profit foundation and is a joint initiative of friendly doctors with a local presence in Sierra Leone and a multidisciplinary team in the Netherlands that together define projects to support and improve local health care and child care in Sierra Leone.

Become a Long Term Sponsor!

There are several ways to become a long-term sponsor. We have designed three different subscriptions in cooperation with Smarter Hospital.


Smarter Hospital believes in a world where capable people can help other people who are not yet able to help themselves. In partnership with local government and local presence, we can improve healthcare and childcare in Sierra Leone in a smart and practical way. The Smarter Hospital team includes different talents and skills, for example health care, child care and IT expertise.

The Smarter Hospital Foundation mainly works on the following:

  • Improving care for hospitals in Sierra Leone with doctors, medicines, medical equipment, infrastructure, training, knowledge and IT.
  • Improving primary education in Sierra Leone by improving infrastructure and teaching methods.
  • Improving childcare in Sierra Leone with a focus on Ebola orphans.

Why Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. In recent years, the country has slowly climbed out of a deep depression after it was totally dislocated and destroyed by a horrific civil war that raged between 1991 and 2001. Because no money was invested in education and health care for decades, these are still very primitive.

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