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Of the over 700 appointments that have been reviewed by our clients, 47% resulted in a (Long lasting) customer relationship


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It was late 2011, and the world of commerce as we know it, changed ever faster. For the first time, people were buying….


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Our team, that consist out of people with extensive work experience and young talent, have one thing in common: we are very sociable.


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The Blue Hour brings people together through means of benchmark research and marketing automation.

We support your sales organisation with substantive agreements with participants in your market research.
With content based on the research results, we assist your marketing department with lead nurturing.

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Benchmark research

Together with you, we create a market survey in which new or current customers participate.


Our team consists partly of people with a lot of work experience and partly of young talent, but we have...


Our content is written by our own researchers based on our market research.

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