"Why why why?"


It is precisely in these times that the differences between entrepreneurs, managers, practitioners and inspirers appear to be well highlighted. In general, it is the flourishing entrepreneurs who know what they are doing, who know how to do it, but above all who know why they are doing it. In particular, the driving force 'why', carried by the entire organization, turns out to be a source of success.


With respect to market and competition analyses, the situation is better. In 58% of the cases a market and/or competition analysis has been made. Preparation is half the battle according to many entrepreneurs and so it will also be with start-ups. Where once 'just do it' was the starting point to later see where we stand, a market analysis has become a nuance before starting. Good news then.

Value Proposition

The next step is now to use these analyses, combined with the right drivers, to offer a value proposition that is so distinctive that the entrepreneur stands out. When asked about this topic, The Blue Hour came to the conclusion that this is where the average SME needs to work. Distinction is what it's all about. After all, only then is the much-heard complaint from research that there is (too) much competition and customers are less and less willing to pay for an (interchangeable) product or service much less of an issue.


A major advantage is that answering the question "why you do something" is always the start of a quality conversation. It is an understandable and inspiring fact which, told with passion, is always heard by the recipient. That is great when you have a potential new customer sitting across from you, but it is just as great when that passion is shared by the employees. The same employees who can tell an inspiring story to their own environment in any capacity whatsoever.

In conclusion

In conclusion, The Blue Hour sees "homework" for the entrepreneur. Ask yourself the following questions:
"Why did I ever start this business?"
"Why did my passion lie here and what did I want to achieve?"
"Do your employees even know what your passion is or do you have too much distance with them to make this clear?"
"Do you know how to convey your passion during a sales call or do you mostly tell potential customers what you do and how you do it?"