Case Telindus and The Blue Hour

Our collaboration began in 2014 at PQR. We participated in a survey by The Blue Hour so after discussing our benchmark report, a collaboration eventually developed.

The Blue Hour's approach appealed to us because we were previously using call centers. The result of this was that appointments were made with organizations that were ultimately not waiting for a sales call, so the chances of follow-up business were low. A second effect was that sales became demotivated when following up on such appointments. For this, it was time for a change.

The Blue Hour generates appointments based on market research. This was new to us, but fitted well with our strategy. We were looking for ways to get "to the table" especially with key accounts based on knowledge and content. Ultimately, over 200 appointments were made with decision-makers based on the market research.{Add % appointments at C-level or number of opportunities after first appointment}

In 2017, a new chapter began for me at Telindus, and they were charmed by the approach here as well. Telindus continuously invests in innovation and was looking for a way to share this knowledge with its target audience. Call it "thought leadership." The market research and ultimately the benchmark report enables our specialists to take on an advisory role instead of a commercial one. This is highly appreciated by the participants in our research.

In the meantime over 60 appointments have been made and periodically we share the findings of the market research with over 250 relations. Of course this has resulted in (new) customers but also a nice cooperation between the sales and marketing department of Telindus.


Through desk research, a comprehensive analysis of the target audience for the project was conducted. A database was then compiled by The Blue Hour with possible participants in the study.
Meanwhile, Telindus and The Blue Hour's research team put together a survey based on issues from the market and knowledge from Telindus.